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Eye Care Tips For Weak Eyesight Treatment And Prevent Eye Disorder

The eyes are an important part of the body. The eyes can express any kind of feeling, even a person who has the ability to speak to express his / her feelings for the eyes. Here are some tips for eye care.
The interesting thing to note here is that research has established that computer monitors emit hazardous radiation, little or nothing, as X-rays or ultraviolet rays. As fatigue is not directly caused by exposure to the computer screen, but rather by the environment surrounding the computer screen, such as poor lighting or incorrect positioning of the computer equipment and furniture. Excessive strain on the eyes - Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) - can lead to itchy or burning eyes, blurred or double vision and headaches. All these symptoms can lead to frustration, irritation and increased inability to complete the job as efficiently as they could, without proper eye care.
1. Blink: blink less when using the computer and tend to look as a result of the frequency of blinking is reduced. So consciously blink while working on the computer.
2. Lubricate your eyes: Use lubricating drops in both eyes before each session on the computer. Consult your eye doctor before using any eye drops.
3. Computer Glasses: moderate to severe eye fatigue, may need some glasses and cylindrical refractive errors may have to be corrected. If you work several hours a day, you may need glasses or goggles numbered coated PC that give the eyes a break while working on computer
4. Avoid contact lenses: Avoid wearing contact lenses while working on the computer, they tend to worsen dry eyes.
5. Keeping distance: Keep a good distance from the computer screen. Sitting around 22 to 28 inches away from her. Sitting too close or too much can increase the strain on the eyes and cause eye fatigue
6. Keeping level: The center of the computer screen should be 4-5 inches below your eyes. The best thing is to look at a computer screen in a downward gaze. This position helps the lids to cover most of the eyes and you can still see normally with less surface exposure and drying tears.
7. Postures: Check your posture from time to time to reduce the neck-shoulder-wrist pain. Keep your wrists straight and is not compatible with some sharp edges.
8. Adjustable chairs: Use adjustable chairs so you can maintain good posture to suit your needs. Your legs should always be resting on the floor.
9. Lighting of the room: Arrange the lighting in the room so that glare and reflections on the screen is minimized.
10. Anti-glare screen: connect an anti-glare screen in front of your monitor. This would reduce the light reflected from the screen. It is preferable to use flat panel displays because they do not reflect light.
11. Air conditioning: Make sure the fan is not directed towards the eyes, as it is a major cause of dryness.
12. Eye Movements: Eye roll your eyes closed, both clockwise and counterclockwise. Two sets of ten repetitions every three hours of computer work.

How to Improve Eyesight Naturally and Simple Tips

It is important to find out how to improve eyesight naturally to avoid the many vision problems that could affect you during your lifetime. There are ways you can prevent some of these conditions from occurring.

Improve Eyesight Naturally Bilberry Extract -
Bilberry contains anthocyanosides that may decrease the rate of macular degeneration and prevent other retinal conditions from occurring. Bilberry protects veins and arteries in the eye, and helps with night vision.
Apart from containing high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids, Salmon is rich in Vitamins A and D, which make it one of the most popular food for improving eyesight and vision. These dietary essentials not only help improve eye health, but also boost your brain power. Just 2-3 servings of fresh salmon in your weekly menu and you would reap the benefits in no time.

Whether it is just boiled or scrambled, egg inclusion in your diet is valuable for your eyes. The yolk contains several essential nutrients and proteins that keep you healthy. Apart from this, it contains lutein, essential fatty acids, B-vitamins and zinc that are requisites of maintaining the overall health of your eyes.
Aspalathus -
A powerful herb native to South Africa, aspalathus or rooibos contains antioxidants similar to bilberry and can promote eye health as well as improve immune function.
Mahonia Grape Extract -
Grape seed extract protects the eyes from UV and sun damage, as well as strengthen capillaries in the retina. Mahonia slows eye aging, and helps with overall eye health.
The rich sulfur content in garlic makes it an ideal food that improves eyesight. The high amounts of sulfur help in making the lens strong and resilient. The best part about garlic is that it makes dishes flavorful and healthy.

Leafy Green Vegetables-
Hundreds of time, you must have heard your mother or nanny inform you of the benefits of green leafy vegetables. Though this might sound repetitive, a list of food that improves eyesight would be incomplete without mentioning leafy green vegetables. They contain high levels of the antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin, which are essential for protecting the eyes from degeneration.

Apricots contain nutrients that help in improving the eye sight. It contains vitamin A, which promotes better vision, and it also relieves eyes from the damage done by the free radicals. Apricots also contain carotenoids which also promotes eye sight.

You must have heard about the entire hullabaloo over how carrots improve the eye sight. Carrots actually do help in improving eyesight. Being very rich in vitamin A and beta-carotene, carrots are a powerhouse in protecting vision especially night vision.

Spinach and Kale -
Spinach and kale contain a substance called as Lutein, which is a carotenoid protective against eye diseases. Cataract and the eyesight problems related to the age problem can be reduced with a regular consumption of spinach and kale.

Broccoli -
Broccoli like most other leafy green vegetable contains potential phytonutrient antioxidants that are lutein and zeaxanthin, which are extremely beneficial for eyes. it is also believed to protect eye cells from free radical stressors.

Vitamin E -
A powerful antioxidant that has been shown to slow the onset of macular degeneration and protect the retina.
Vitamin C -
Another antioxidant that works with Vitamin E to protect tissues and improve eye health.
Zinc -
An essential mineral required by all cells in the body, zinc helps strengthen the cells of the eye.
Fish oil -
Contains powerful compounds that can prevent macular degeneration and other eye problems.

Eye Problems Causes And Easy Tips For Eye Care

Eye Care is a serious concern that is often neglected by people who lack health insurance. Our vision is one of those wonderful gifts most of us take for granted. The only time I have even caused them to think about our vision as such, when we think of a blind person who has no vision at all, or our own vision begins to fail us.
Aware of the importance of protecting your vision can help prevent problems with him in the future. Your eyes care a part of the body and the skin can do things to slow the aging process of using certain precautions that take little time to implement and can make a world of difference in life.
Causes eye problem
1. . Inadequate reading light
2. . Teamwork for longer periods
3. . Improper diet especially diet deficient in vitamin A
4. . Watch TV from closure
Symptoms of Eye Care
1. swelling in a small portion of the eyelid or complete
2. The affected eye may water, feel irritated or sensitive to light.
3. discomfort when blinking
4. You will find a small yellow spot in the center of a sty, which occurs when the accumulation of pus and expands. The pain usually is relieved when the sty ruptures, draining the pus.
Treatment for Eye Care
1. Use a humidifier to add moisture to the air. This will make your tears evaporate more slowly.
2. Keep ceiling fans and oscillating fans at low speed. Excess air movement can lead to dry eyes.
3. Use hot compresses and lid scrubs / massage to warm the oil in the glands and the diffusion of oil through your eye.
4. Over-the-counter eye drops and artificial tears can help keep the eyes lubricated. If you wear contact lenses, ask your eye doctor before using the drops. Many of them can not be used while the contacts are in their eyes.
5. Lubricant eye ointment may be used at night while sleeping. The thickness of these ointments can cause blurred vision, so it should only be used at night.
Eye Care Home Remedies
Mix one part rose water and one part lemon juice. Store in a jar and used as eye drops. This is very useful home remedy for eye care.
The intake of sufficient amounts of vitamin A is necessary for healthy vision.
Diet for Eye Care - Eating spinach will help in preventing various eye problems, because it contains carotenoids.

Using drops of eyebright herb are also beneficial for eye conditions.
The consumption of good amount of vitamin C reduces the chance of developing cataracts.
Daily consumption of nuts for a few days reduces the weakness of the eyes.
Make a mixture of 4 grams of alum powder and 30 grams of rose water. Put 2-3 drops of this mixture in each eye every night to get relief from eye fatigue and eye redness. This is good home remedy for eye care.