Saturday, October 8, 2011

Eye Care Tips For Weak Eyesight Treatment And Prevent Eye Disorder

The eyes are an important part of the body. The eyes can express any kind of feeling, even a person who has the ability to speak to express his / her feelings for the eyes. Here are some tips for eye care.
The interesting thing to note here is that research has established that computer monitors emit hazardous radiation, little or nothing, as X-rays or ultraviolet rays. As fatigue is not directly caused by exposure to the computer screen, but rather by the environment surrounding the computer screen, such as poor lighting or incorrect positioning of the computer equipment and furniture. Excessive strain on the eyes - Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) - can lead to itchy or burning eyes, blurred or double vision and headaches. All these symptoms can lead to frustration, irritation and increased inability to complete the job as efficiently as they could, without proper eye care.
1. Blink: blink less when using the computer and tend to look as a result of the frequency of blinking is reduced. So consciously blink while working on the computer.
2. Lubricate your eyes: Use lubricating drops in both eyes before each session on the computer. Consult your eye doctor before using any eye drops.
3. Computer Glasses: moderate to severe eye fatigue, may need some glasses and cylindrical refractive errors may have to be corrected. If you work several hours a day, you may need glasses or goggles numbered coated PC that give the eyes a break while working on computer
4. Avoid contact lenses: Avoid wearing contact lenses while working on the computer, they tend to worsen dry eyes.
5. Keeping distance: Keep a good distance from the computer screen. Sitting around 22 to 28 inches away from her. Sitting too close or too much can increase the strain on the eyes and cause eye fatigue
6. Keeping level: The center of the computer screen should be 4-5 inches below your eyes. The best thing is to look at a computer screen in a downward gaze. This position helps the lids to cover most of the eyes and you can still see normally with less surface exposure and drying tears.
7. Postures: Check your posture from time to time to reduce the neck-shoulder-wrist pain. Keep your wrists straight and is not compatible with some sharp edges.
8. Adjustable chairs: Use adjustable chairs so you can maintain good posture to suit your needs. Your legs should always be resting on the floor.
9. Lighting of the room: Arrange the lighting in the room so that glare and reflections on the screen is minimized.
10. Anti-glare screen: connect an anti-glare screen in front of your monitor. This would reduce the light reflected from the screen. It is preferable to use flat panel displays because they do not reflect light.
11. Air conditioning: Make sure the fan is not directed towards the eyes, as it is a major cause of dryness.
12. Eye Movements: Eye roll your eyes closed, both clockwise and counterclockwise. Two sets of ten repetitions every three hours of computer work.

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